Most/Least Favorite Paddling Magazine?

I am a Sea kayaker and have subscriptions to a few different paddling publications. Some by choice, some as as a gift from my wife and some just becuase I belong to an association.

Lately I find myself thowing quite a few of the pubs out as if they were Junk mail.

Am I the only one doing this? Have I become a snob?

What are your favorite paddling magazines and why?

My favorite paddling magazine today is ‘Seekajak’ published by Salzwasserunion - the German seakayaking association.

For some time now, the editors have presented a range of articles of a highly technical and mathematical nature. Mostly related to navigation. There has really been some innovative stuff.

Unfortunatly Ocean-kayaker, the magazine of ISKA(International Seakayaking Association) has recently stopped to appear.


my vote
least fav - Canoe and Kayak

most fav - Sea Kayaker

Favorite is Wavelength
Good travel articles and it is free. Least favorite is Discipline. Just does not interest me.

Personally I like reading one of my Local Clubs news letters they Do a great job. And its 95% local and doable stuff. un-like 95% of the other paddle rags that preach about doing stuff that only Bill gates or Sir Richard could afford to do at places 3000 miles from here!! Yeah I want to read about the Circumnavigation of Iceland and or Greenland, or the first decent of some obscure river in Zaire!! NOT…

Is that “Paddle With Discipline” or “Discipline With A Paddle”? Just want to know how google it. :slight_smile:


Canoe and Kayak reminds me of Bicycling. It’s basically just and endless repetition of beginner articles. While this is useful for people just getting into the sport, subscribing for more than a year is a waste of money.

Sea Kayaker is dedicated to its namesake sport. Although I don’t find every issue interesting, on the whole, it’s got the best content out there.

C’mon Sing,you’ve been paddling the internet too much lately,back to the ocean,it’s much healthier.

I hope this is constructive feedback
Favorite: Sea Kayaker. Good mix of big-dream-trip travel stories, guides to shorter trips within America, how-to articles, essays, disaster analyses (these are terrific!), and equipment reviews. Even though they try not to slam equipment outright, if you read between the lines you get a feel for how the reviewers really feel about a kayak.

I also like WaveLength for its more intimate feel, though it has a bias toward the PNW, for obvious reasons.

Least-liked: Paddler Magazine, because its main focus is whitewater (kayak, canoe, raft). It’s just a little too much of everything else and not enough of sea kayaking. Great cover photos, though.

Canoe & Kayak…the commercial tone of the reviews really turns me off. The travel stories have been inconsistent, with some well-written and a few that made me wonder whose relative got that person the assignment. They have printed a few essays (the last page of each issue) that I relished.

It’s Ze Waves! It’s Ze Waves!
Cams are showing shoulder to head plus waves all over NE. Here I sit at the computer with drudgery. Woe is me… :frowning:

Relief on the way. More head waves this weekend… :slight_smile:

Oh, magazines… I used to like Seakayaker. Then it just became more noticeably repetitive (it always was probably, just didn’t realize it 'til later). I haven’t bought a magazine in well over a year. I can’t even remember when I last browse one, except for Paddler that comes with my ACA #. I suspect that’ll be gone by the first of the year.


Atlantic Coastal kayaker,
Sea kayaker, and I need to take a look at wavelength from what I hear.

very interesting to see that mentioned here. wavelength is a folksy rootsy dedicated Vancouver Island mag with a Canadian feel (go figure) and traditional sea kayak eco approach. sometimes not all that interesting, but always worth a read if only to get a sense of that regional style. helps if you know folks out there to put it into context. if your shop doesn’t have them, request them, i’m sure wavelength will send a few along…

Adventure Magazine
In addition to Wavelength, you may want to try Adventure Magazine’s (Canadian). They publish two very good online (also available via subscription) periodicals for kayakers and canoeist; both are free online:

Adventure Kayak:


I agree

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I have to say that Sea Kayaker is the one I read most.

I really like that they have started focusing on day paddle trip destinations in the US and featuring in-depth profiles on some of the players in the paddling industry. I'd be more interested in hearing where the industry is going than about where it started from, but I am sure it will get there.

I do have to say that their destination pieces are either places you could never afford to go or places you would never want to go. To qualify that, I have no interest in paddling around Greenland in the middle of winter and just can't swing the cost of flying to Chile's cape horn with all my gear. I'd be more interested in hearing about kayak camping through upstate New York, checking out fall foliage in New England or extended paddling expeditions in Puget Sound on $20 a day.

As to the reviews, I really like that they review a product in the conditions and scope that the product was designed for, as opposed to creating an advertising piece for a manufacturer - can you say Paddler and Canoe and Kayak?. They very rarely come out (if ever) and trash a manufacturer but then again, I think we are all smart enough to read between the lines. In my opinion, they do this better than anyone else.

I think what I respect most is that they appear to be supported by the smaller, independant manufacturers while the huge companies (Dagger, Perception, etc..) that are basically trashing (just my opinion, if your a fan of their products, I'm sorry) this industry with the mass produced crap that has been coming out, lately are not in their advertiser base.

Recently, I've been checking out Wavelength and Adventure Kayak.

The current issue of Wavelength is great! I feel like I really got caught up with what is happening this year in te industry. I think I've read the piece on theroforming about 4 times. This is a magazine surely worth picking up, if you don't already get it.

Well, that's my 2 cents

for canoeing in Canada, you can’t beat

Well the best writers seem to be in Canoe and Kayak with writers like Kesselheim, Jacobson, Rice etc etc and more. Combined these three along have written about 20 books too. The magazine overall is the same stuff repeated about how to start paddling etc. And what about the constant 'Buyers Guide" I think its a waste of issue. Same every year. How about deducting 1 month and give me an 11 month subscription and save me 4 bucks? Their “Canoe” Publication that comes out with 1 issue a year is awesome.The best photos and some of the really great stories that cross over to canoeing and sea kayaking etc.

The most biased or topic specific, yet off the topic is Sea Kayaker. There is so much more out there why we all paddle that is not related to the boat we paddle. What about places? Environment? Stories? Expeditions? etc etc More geared towards those that sea kayak and sort of leaves everything else out. Not sure I discribed what i was trying to say. Its for example say “Transportation” Magazine and they only do article that relate to Trains etc. Well what about cars, busses, planes etc etc I think they could incorp more people if they werent specific. I Sea Kayak too but dont read it for that reason.

Paddler Magazine is a well balanced magazine. Yes it seems to cater to white water but there is a lot of info about Expeditions, environment, human interest stories, good gear reports, photos are consistant etc.

Kanawa- Very good photos about remote canandian paddling since they are out of Canada. Articles are short but interesting. They could be better but they dont pay contributors as much so they get entry level writers. A good place to Start.

Expedition Kayaking- A good magazine, only glanced at it a few times on the newstand so not much comment.


Boundary Water Journal
Read it cover to cover. WW

I like…
Wavelength… can’t beat the cost.

I do buy Canoe and Kayak January buyer’s guide and check it’s listings every year. Just in case Feather Craft ever lowers their prices to where I could actually dream of owning one.

I’ll admit, I LIKE canoe & kayak. Yes, a lot of info is basic, but I don’t find it repetitive. ( if you want repetitive try Skin Diver, same articles every year, and the same destinations reviewed year after year after year.) I get Paddler as a result of ACA (wish ACA did Canoe & Kayak instead) and am trying the Kayak mag. Juries out of that one.

Just buy used.