Most lightweight 16' touring Kayaks ?

Just curious, what are the most lightweight kayaks on the market for this length ?

What style & volume?

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In the ones I carry at my Showroom, Brit Style, 3 hatch w/ skeg = 35lbs.

SOF & other styles, I'm sure others will weigh in.

A lot is going to depend on the terrain you plan on paddling, they type of performance you want from the kayak and your size.

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super light 16 footers
Feathercraft Wisper @ 37 lbs.

Pakboat Quest 155 @ 32 lbs.

Cape Falcon West Greenland skin-on-frame @ 26 lbs.

Epic 16X Ultra is 35 lbs.

warren Light Craft
15.5 feet in length 28 lbs.

I wan’t to try one of those.

4K $ for the Epic 16X Ultra.

What about other more wallet-friendly boats (2K$ or less) ?

5K$ for this one.

Dagger Meridian Kevlar

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Cheap and light-ish at 41lb, the last one sold on eBay for $670 with a $200 opening bid, after no one bought it off pNet for $500...

The hand-built strip wooden kayaks can be very light (even the plywood ones can be quite light), if the builder is skilled.

Light & new = $$$.

Stellar is also making some light constructions for a bit less than the competition.

I’ve seen used under $2k.
I got mine for less. Mine is the 41 lb construction.

Under $2000
The Quest is $1600 (though they recently sold a couple of demos cheaper.) You can have a skin on frame built for you by Cape Falcon for $2000 or make one yourself in one of his guided classes in a week for $1400. I bought a similar one for $900 (plus $100 for the ferry ticket across Lake Michigan to pick it up in Milwaukee.)

Feathercrafts are costly, but they can be found used. I only paid $2200 for mine.

Inverse square

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Or at least that sort of ratio.

In the New composite realm;
Feature for feature/ size for size
Cheaper = heavier
Lighter = more expensive

For reference, what were you expecting composite prices to be?

If $2k is the budget, composite used is what you're going to be looking at.

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