most stable SOT for flyfishing???

What is the most stable SOT? I am particularly interested in using it to flyfish from, and will occasionally want to stand, conditions permitting. Although a canoeist at heart, I believe there would be situations (esp saltwater) where I would benefit from a good fishing yak. The only yaks I have now are narrow SIS which are great for touring but definately not what I want to flyfish from.

Most stable SOT
Though I don’t own one a lot of people on the Texas coast use a Wilderness Systems Ride to fly fish out of. Most claim it’s stable enough to stand on. On the Florida flats there’s a guy that uses a Wenonah Solo Plus canoe to fly fish out of. I’ve seen pictures of him standing in it as well.

Emotion Fisherman
There are lots of makes and models out there now. Since a lot of kayak fisherman started out in flats boats it soon became necessary to make boats you could stand in. NOTE: Regardless of what model you choose, it will take some patience and practice to learn to be confident to stand, let alone while casting, let alone using fly rod.

With all that said, give the Emotion Fisherman a look. It’s got a very clean cockpit, fewer things to get your line wrapped up in.

Hobie Outback
You might want to give the Outback a look. I have one and haven’t used any of my other yaks since I got it. It’s a fishing machine. Especially for saltwater. The ability to move and fish at the same time is priceless. And it moves at just the right speed to troll a fly. The rudder handle will catch the line occasionally, but other than that it works well w/ fly fishing. A damp rag over the handle works if I remember to do it.

It’s very stable, though I don’t know about standing up in it. I got bad knees and wouldn’t try it anyway.

Good Luck w/ the search

The X Factor is the most stable yak on the market and great for fly fishing.I have their eXtreme which isnt quite as stable but close and its a little faster.The Ride is a good choice if you want something shorter/lighter.Good luck!

These all look like viable options
These all look like viable options. I an not concerned about short or light. I am most concerned with maximizing stability, without getting to the point of being a complete dog to paddle. Does anyone know how the Tarpon 140 & 160 stack up? How do they compare to the Ride for instance? Has the X Factor been compared to the W.S. Ride?

I checked out the C.& K. fishing boat review but some of these were not reviewed, and there was not a real ranking of the ones listed.

T140 &160
I’ve paddled the T140 it has a flat spot in the cockpit so you could stand. I don’t think I could or would though. T160 I owned and you cannot stand in this boat.

Ive heard the 05 Ride is supposed to get a new upper deck simmilar to the Tarpons.


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I've seen flycasters (and, for that matter, spincasters) standing in an OK Prowler 15, a WS T160, and a WS ride. All were, of course, on very flat water, but that's expected...

Now, if it were ME, and I was on VERY flat water, AND there was NO wiond, I MIGHT be able to stand up on my S-Pro TW ...but I wouldn't bet on it. But there ARE some thatr can.

Now I wouldn't expect the same from even a well-balanced angler in my Isthmus, a QCC 700, or a T-Bolt, but I think there are a number of boats that COULD serve as a casting platform -depending less on the the boat and more on the angler who's casting and using the boat to


-Frank in Miami

I have a Tarpon 140 for fishing and its very stable, don’t know if I would stand up in it though. Did not fly fish out of it yet but caught some bluefish in it last year its a fun boat.

cobra fish and dive
At 36 inches wide the f and d is what your looking for.


Can you stand and cast in a FishnDive and how would it compare for this to the X Factor, Ride, etc ?

the FnD is a great yak.No two way’s about it;but the molded foot wells just dont make it for standing.Your much better off with a flat floor as on the XFactor,T-140 or the Ride.That said,if standing is something you plan on doing with any regularity you definitly want to add a pontoon system such as the one offered by KFS.Good luck!


I’m using them on my decked Yak (Carolina 14.5) for solo midnight lake paddling…the link has TWO versions for mounting outriggers, I use the lobster floats for flotation, and the strap on PVC rig for mounting them…

tarpon 140 gets my vote,
and yes the tarpon 160 now has a flat deck like the 140,

i have a RIDE and a T-160… I can stand up in the ride, still a little Jiggly. but I cant in the t-160… However I like the 160 better for its speed and sit down stability is fine. i am also 6’3 with a high center of gravity, My daughter would have no problem standing up in either one!!

Oh yeah

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My ride is for sale... its also the angler version.

Swedge, Are you flycasting from them? Have you gotten rid of the ride yet?


Good place to ask your question
The people at this site know kayak fishing, both fly and other, salt and fish. Ask your question here or just view the forums. Your question will be answered.

Is your Ride still for sale? Give specifics and send photo if so. Thanks Where are you? Joe