Most stable touring yak

I have a rec yak and use it for fishing. What would be the most stable touring yak? I have a Necky Santa Cruz and wondered if I should up grade to a faster yak.


hard to say
Percived stability is affected by paddler size, skill, fit, and experience. It’s also affected by gear load, and by the conditions you’re paddling in.

The only way to know if you “should” get a different yak is to try some and make up your own mind. Most people moving to a narrower boat find that it feels much more stable after some time on the water.

your height/weight?
check out the CD pachena, it’ll probably feel more stable than the average SOT and will be a LOT more efficient through the water but still forgiving in waves.

Stability is in the eyes of the paddler
go to some demo days and try different ones out.

Another option is to find a dealer that is located on the water who has some trial yaks.

Fifteen years ago, anything longer and thinner than my fat little rec kayak was not stable enough for me.

Now a 15" wide surf ski is not stable for me



Tempest line
I think is a little more stable. They run just a little wider but still pretty fast. The T170 is 22" where alot of the other Brit style boats are 21.5. But you’d have to try them.

Paul S.

High volume, needs rudder, holds
everthing, lots and lots of windage, fast for the width well made. the Qcc Q500. Not my favorite rough water boat but for moderate conditions and fishing an interesting choice.

QCC 400x

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I fish from one and also go on paddle trips with others that own longer and narrower kayaks. The 400 does keep pace easily with them. It is not going to be faster than a long touring kayak however but everything is a compromise. I have tried fishing from a Solstice and also a Necky Looksha IV and did feel the need for at least a bit more stability. Kayaks 23-24 max beam are best for fishing and especially trolling.

The kayak is stable enough to fish from and the hatches are big enough to fit a nice sized soft cooler in. I especially like the peaked foredeck you can get to your tackle without feeling cramped. I installed a rod holder behind my seat and I can grab it without fear of capsizing.

I had also tried the Pachena and thought that was a nice day tripping and fishing SIK but needed more room for camping equipment. The QCC400x works well for up to a week long trip.

most stable touring kayak
My wife recently purchased an Eddyline Equinox

25 inch wide by 14 feet long

very high initial and secoundary stability, I could lean it over carving turns untill water would run in the cockpit with out it going over,

and it has a reasonable speed for it’s size and is very well built. Depending on your use it could be a kayak you won’t out grow for some time.

I would recomend you try one if you can


zoar sport or carolina
I also have a santa cruz. It is a very slow kayak. Stable yes. Fast no. A 14.5 carolina or zoar sport are almost as stable and a lot faster. My neighbor fishes a lot from his zoar. Even in rough water he has no problem. Try one out.

Second that motion
I second the motion on the Zoar Sport. My husband just bought one, and it’s definitely stable enough for fishing. I’m not so sure about the Carolina, though. I have a Carolina 13.5, and he says it’s way too tippy for him.

Second the Tempest
Most stable can equal slow, so try some boats before you decide. I’m impressed with the Tempest 170 - for a 22" beam, you get great stablility when it’s on edge.


400 is a big boat
honestly it felt like a quick boat to me. I got a glass one without rudder intending on adding one later. I was surprised at how easy it was to keep up with average paddlers in Solstices, especially since I could out maneuver then.

I hardly use my rudder
unless I was fishing currents or correcting a drift while fishing. The 400 tracks well even in winds and is also responsive enough to turn quickly. Unlike longer touring boats which I personally don’t like to fish from because you can’t maneuver them quickly enough to turn to the fish.

I will second
Peter K’s description of the QCC-500.


I would add the Prijon Calabria as
a very stable boat at 14.5’ and a 25" beam. it also moves fairly fast for a wide boat.

that’s what surprised me
I took it out during a breezy day with some guys in Solstice GTS,CD Extreme and Solstice GT and I had no problem keeping up,sure I’d be struggling if they pushed it but I think the motor would be the limit for the brisk 4mph pace compared to the GT,personally I’d much rather have the 400 in bouncy stuff and wind than the hard to turn Solstices. It feels like a long boat waterline wise,in other words a CD Gulfstream feels like it’s 14’ long and the 400 feels like it’s 17’ long.

In the eyes of the beholder
Stability depends on your size, your shape, and your attitude.

There are a lot of fairly wide kayaks that are comfortable for a lot of people. A v bottom will feel a little tippier that a flat bottom but that doesn’t mean its going over. Depends on if you mind sitting with the boat tilted a little onto the chine.

You might try a Current Designs Whistler or a Eddyline Merlin, or the Seaward Aurora.

Go sign up for a half day tour with a company that does trips for anyone and see what they use.

cape horn
I have a cape horn 15…love it …paddle it every where…

some people don’t like the kayak…everyone has an opinion…

good luck!