Most waterproof cellphone bag

Trying out a sit-on-top last weekend, the Little Miami River dumped me right in. My “waterproof” bag cost me my cellphone. Before buying a new “waterproof” item for my new cell, would someone please advise me as to what works BEST for a cellphone? Thanks. Lydia P.

I hav e had very good luck with the

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voyageur bag and use it often. I have clipped it to the deck of my boat for rolling practice.

I got it at my local paddle shop.

To answer your question:

“would someone please advise me as to what works BEST for a cellphone?”

Simply… Leave it in your car. But, if you feel the “NEED” to have it, get a small pelican box or something similar. They run about $12 for the size you would be looking for.

Paddle easy,


A Voyager clear plastic dry bag
works very nicely.

I use a . . .
Pelican Box for my cellphone and car remote (attached with velcro behind the seat).

The thing is if you need to use

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your cell phone while you are swimming or in unbelievable nasty conditions 'cause your VHF is dead and it's your last hope, a cell phone specific bag will keep it dry while you save your life.

If I am with another paddler, even in the city, I have mine with me. If they have a medical problem, I want every edge I can get, and especially in a city, that means a cell phone.

My dry bags only work when they are filled to the right amount. My cell phone bag always works.I just press the clear part tightly to the black part, roll it up, and go.

What works for my wife’s cell phone
The Ewa-marine, (cell phone size), It is called “handy and safe”

You get them at Boaters World.

I keep my GPS in one as well.

You can operate your cell phone right through the pliable plastic, but yet they are completely waterproof.

Cheers, and have a great day.


so what model failed on you? nm