Mother, mother ocean, he has heard the call

Rest In Peace, Jimmy Buffett.


And so Mr.Moon flew away in the night.

I hope his best friend Magus takes him once around Venus and twice around Mars.

Rest in Peace, oh Captain, my Captain, he was more than half of the soundtrack of my life.

Son a of a Sailor, made a big impact on my life. I have had a life on the water, making being a Parrothead an efforless pursuit. Helm alee Jimmy.

For some reason, his passing made me sad. And reminds us all to use sun protection. My father in law died from the same causes.

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And now we learn that he died of skin cancer complications from lymphoma.
Protect yourself from the sun.

He struck a cord with his lyrics. They often caused me to smile. His songs of the sea spoke to me. I felt the loss at the news. Sail on to distant shores our bard of the tropical sea.