Motion sickness

I have been experiencing motion sickness during roll practice once I've done ten or so rolls. Has anyone else had this problem and if so what have you done to combat it? I don't think Gravol is the way to go as it makes me too tired.

motion sickness
It may not be easy but, if you practice rolling in the opposite direction you probably won’t expeience the vertigo that you have by always rolling in the same direction.

Cold water
If you’re rolling in cold water, it could be water getting in your ears. Earplugs will usually solve it. Even the cheap foam ones work.

It will also prevent you from needing an excruciatingly painful corrective surgery several years from now, too. Cold water in your ears causes the ear openings in your skull to close over. You really don’t want to know how it is fixed…

Noseplugs will helps some people, too. Cold water in the sinuses can do weird things. I wear a 5mm diver’s hood and earplugs for practice, and noseplugs if I’m in fresh water.


motion sickness
I’m rolling both sides and practicing in the pool so I don’t think this will work but thanks for the suggestions.

question/an answer, maybe
is it a sickness in the stomach or in the head? If it’s a muzzy head feeling or a headache, it’s probably cold water in your inner ear freezing you balance center or a combination of that combined with the cold water on the temple area and up the sinuss. the sinus thing and the temple area blood being cold can cause anything from your eyes hurting to a full blown headache, can make your eyes feel like they are bugging out. The ear thing will usually cause dizzyness and vertigo, or just a muzzy dull feeling. The answer for these is…earplugs (get good silicone ones) and nose plugs, or a good fitting dive hood and nose plugs or a tuilik and nose plugs. In really cold water with the hood etc, ease your face into the water the first few times you roll so that the face can numb some before just slamming your face in in a combat style roll. it will help some, the eyes still don’t numb the same as the face and can sometimes be a bother.

Good luck and best wishes


If you haven’t tried something like this it might help.

Seems to work for me.


help; will also curtail morning sickness if you’re pregnant

motion sickness
Two years ago I got vertigo after rolling instruction at Delmarva. Water was cool but not what I would call cold. Was told that cold water in the ears was the problem, so I brought ear plugs when I went this year. Vertigo hit again in rolling practice. Held onto instructor’s arm for about 2 minutes and it passed. I continued rolling. For me, ear plugs are not the answer. There is something else going on and I intend to explore the issue in pool sessions this winter.


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If you go the …
pharmacutical route if the above doesn’t work, try the nondrowsy dramamine prior to going in, or scopolomine patches but that’s an Rx from the doc. Not sure you want to pay out that much just for practice…I’d try the ear plugs first.

a dive hood…might be the blood that feeds your brain is succetiable to the waters cooling effect…it’s worth a try

cover the temple area, it sometimes doesn’t have to be that cold if you spend alot of time rolling

be good to have a hood anyway, even if it isn’t the cure

Best Wishes