Motivational Thought

You can’t paddle every day of the year unless you paddle today.

If you are sitting on the fence trying to make up your mind, let that thought help you.

Well, I’m not going to paddle every day … but I did paddle today.

@rival51 said:
Well, I’m not going to paddle every day … but I did paddle today.
Same here.

Looking forward to seeing pics from Waterbearer.

I did not paddle today. It is 7F… I sipped a mimosa in the garage with the kayaks

I did not paddle today… Shoveled the crap called slush off the driveway and the deck… Shoveling six inches of what is essentially water before it changes into six inches of ice … Does that count as paddling? I moved water.

Since being here in FL, I have 6 ‘sets’ of consecutive paddling days over 100 (longest: 457).
I have not paddled every day of a single year (yet). (missed one day in 2016 due to a visit by a Hurricane, thanks a lot Matthew)
(20 years of over 300 days paddled)
So far this year, I haven’t missed a single day.

Being a southern paddler, our temps did cooperate today - almost 70 out there.
And water levels were ample on the Waccamaw.

Water temp was 70.5 degrees today and I didn’t paddle. But I did move the power lever and travel up the Ortega River in the center console.

Didn’t bring my boat to the family New Year festivities, which is just as well as ten inches of snow overnight and 15F air temp weren’t very inviting although the sun was out and Lake Michigan is still ice free. Skipped the highway on the way home and took the longer way along the coast. When passing clearings in the forest which exposed the shore, I knew exactly what the view looked like from the water. That was fun.