Motor Mounts on Old Town Tripper 20

I know - This goes against all the “paddling” principles, but here goes. I currently use a 3HP Yahama on a 17 OT Squareback and I was thinking about using it on an OT Tripper 20 (double-ender). So what works better here? The regular flat Old Town Mount or the Side Saddle? Stability or ease of use issues? Any ideas?

See link to see pics of both mounts.

I wouoldn’t use the side saddle
Old Towns mount should be fine. I’ve used it on various boats with a 2.5 HP Mariner engine. My son even had an old open fly wheel 1.5 on a Coleman at one point in time. Worked great. Nothing wrong with a side mounted motor on that size boat, I’ve done it on smaller for sure. Just the side saddle has no real cross support, it would be fine with an electric troll maybe.

Hey sometimes you need a motor, if you do up river trips like I used too it saves the day. Power up and paddle down or vice versa. And too some folks need a canoe for transportation duties not just fun and nothing drafts shallower than certain canoes !

I Used a Standard Wooden One

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Always worked well for me on a few different canoes with trolling motors. I always preferred putting it on the left side so I could use a paddle on my dominant, right, side. Haven't used mine in so long I ought to get rid of it. If you're in Southern MO gimme an e-mail if you're interested. Here's a few pictures of it:

I have used the regular
motor mount and it will work well. Not sure about the side saddle but old town specifically says it is intended for electric.