motor well in canoe?

having a canoe w/ a motor well would solve a LOT of problems associated with mounting a trolling motor. I could sit in the middle, and have the well right behind me. Are there any reasons why this would be a bad idea? thanks.

of course

or why not ? hmmmm how about

steam engine in canoe ? or rhinoceros in canoe or …

Are you competent to install a motor
well in your canoe? I’ve done a lot of fiberglass repair, and I couldn’t do it.

So, if you can’t do it, and don’t have someone who can do it for an affordable amount, why not go out and paddle and motor with your mount and be happy?

Ocean Kayak Torque

– Last Updated: May-31-15 6:18 PM EST –

Ocean Kayak has a Sit-On-Top kayak (the Torque) with Minn-Kota electric trolling motor power built-in. The motor sits in a molded male plug that drops into a well near the stern, and the battery drops into a molded recess near the boat's center.

While not for me, the result doesn't look all redneck engineered when it is put together, distributes the weight well, and the componentized approach allows the battery and motor to be easily separated from the hull for more convenient handling. It looks nicely thought through.


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if inboard wells are there there aren’t many.

right tool for the job
thanks for the replies. After thinking about this more, it doesn’t seem like the best idea.