Motorized canoe registered and ready

Well, registered anyway. Given that I tried unsuccessfully to register my old canoe for a couple of years and ran into administrative brick walls, this is a real thrill for me to have it set.

Pilotwingz - I may be hitting that trough you told me about Saturday morning if the river’s not too high. I’ll wear my dry pants (really waist high waders) and dry shirt just in case the canoe’s not as stable as I think it will be with a motor on it. I’ll have to put some kind of a ballast in the front. Anyway, if I don’t do that, at least I’ll have it out in the back yard rigging the boat with the oars and thwart bags and such that I’ve purchased for it. I got one of those Danuu covers too, so I can leave it fully rigged and on the trailer making my Saturday mornings much easier.

I am totally stoked, although perhaps misplaced talking about a gas engine on a canoe in a paddling website.

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I have an old town canoe with a transom and 3 hp motor that i sometimes use when I go fishing and want to go upstream. I bought an extension for the tiller that allows me to sit on the middle seat (which trims the canoe properly).

There’s four seats in this one
I think if I can get to the seat that’s second from the rear, I’ll be set for trimming it out. I’ll look into a handle and kill switch extension once I’ve run it at least once and see how it goes.

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hey Big D , trough I told you about ??
… you talking about behind the island just down a little ways ??

if so , be prepared … monsters live there in that little nich , and someone might be home there right now … it’s such a small and secluded nich , only a few can be king in it , and mr. teeth sometimes preys on the wanna be’s just at it’s openning .!!

I didn’t get out
But, yeah, that’s the trough.

I got the boat outfitted with seat bags, thwart bag, bow bag, registration numbers affixed, put the oar lock sockets on, got the oar stops set (at least initially - hard to know exactly where they belong until getting on the water), and figured out how to put on the cover. I even rigged an exercise ball and some cord to keep the water from pooling on the cover while the boat is on the trailer. I do have to modify my trailer some, but it’ll do OK until then.

This is a very big boat, but I don’t intend to use it in any rough water so don’t have any flotation bags in it or plans to add any.

Some friends hit the water over the weekend, and apparantly Spring has not yet arrived underwater. Shenandoah jumped up four degrees in the last week, but it’s still in the cold water zone as far as the fish are concerned. Of three different Saturday fishing reports involving six fishermen I’d consider to be good to excellent, I heard of only two fish and one of those was a snagged carp (snagged by accident).

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