Motorized Kayak

Has anyone figured out how to mount a trooling motor on a Wilderness Systems Tarpon 12? I use my kayak for fishing but would like to be able to travel a lot further than I can paddle. Need you help.

Check ebay
There were 2 motorized kayaks on there recently I think they’re still open. They mihkt give you some ideas.

Good Luck


Just a note
Just as a note, as soon as you motorize a kayak, most states will require you to have it registered, with an annual sticker on it.

it is then classified as a power boat.

First of all, where are you fishing?
Deep water or shallow flats, warm or cold water?

And in Ohio…
…you have to register it even if you don’t put a motor on it. I hate seeing all those number stickers on my kayaks. :frowning:

Look at the Mokai
great design might give you an idea

I think they look great for running up a river

The price is up there though

customized electric motor kayak

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check this out!

also there is a company called I think electriyak or something like this, sorry can't remember. IT will adapt your kayak to integrated motor that retracts into hull!

also this link

and this one looks promising too

Motorized Kayak
I fish in the 10,000 Islands of Southwest Florida.

Saltwater around Marco Island. I need some way to travel out 5 miles in shallow water. To get to places that a flats boat can’t get to.