Motorized Kayaks

Trying to pick the best motorzed kayak. The Kayacht looks great…anyone have one? The NuCanoe plus an attached motor looks like a good idea. I dont like lugging a huge battery. The torqueedo motor is toooo expensive…someone needs to invent a lightweight portable motor…can you help or suggest? what to look at?

Remind us, why do you need a motor
for a kayak? A kayak with a double bladed paddle is pretty fast and efficient.

fair question…
1. heart condition

2. dont have a dock to keep a boat

3. can store a kayak on the side of a bulkhead on the bay

Other Type Small Boat
I would look for some other type small boat better suited for a motor. May be a Zodiac

I have always wanted to play with a Mokai jet kayak - Of course I would likely turn violent if one showed up on one of my favorite rivers.

I live for double standards.


cant crab or fish from a mokai

you want inexpensive , lightweight,
an small nuff to put on side . I saw a fella put a prop on a weed whacker an put it on his sit on top !


used to make a pimlico with a motorguide trolling motor fitted to the back.

Personally I think a short fat Raddison canoe would be a good idea.

Might google the kayak fishing sites
as I’ve seen lots of electric arrangements there. Run my canoe (old Dagger Legend) with an little old 16# electric on a thwart bracket and it works fine (~4mph calm) and a friend made a stern bracket out of aluminum plate for his wife’s kayak and uses a little old cut down shaft trolling motor in case she tires before him. Tips up with a string from cockpit, has a on/off switch in the cockpit, and battery fits in the stern hatch & slides up just behind the seat. Makes paddling speed just fine. I’ve been thinking of using two small batts wired together to make carrying easier. Just thoughts. R

Ocean Kayak Torque
Battery operated kayak. Looks interesting. Electric motor up to around 5mph even has reverse, speed control, etc. incorporated into the stern (removeable)

Look at this boat

I have a MOKAI
And its a great fishing craft for rivers and small lakes. I live in Arkansas and use mine to fish the White river for trout and the smaller streams for smallmouth. The white river water level fluctuates based on power generation from upstream dams and no matter what the water release schedule states you can never be sure what the COE will do. The motorized kayak lets me return upstream even against a seroius current and it only requires 6 inches of water to operate so when the river is low I can still navigate. It frees me from always needing a shuttle. I have three other paddle powered kayaks that are more stealthy and perhaps aesthetic that I use probably more often but the mokai is a great boat for many situations.