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Kayaking and canoeing are paddle sports. I mean, there should be a paddle involved, right? Not necessarily. Several manufacturers now make models that have some sort of leg-operated drive system. There are others that are designed to accept a trolling motor. These vessels certainly have their place in angling. This is merely a classification question. When is a kayak NOT a kayak?

Peddle and paddle
I have looked at a couple of the kayaks that one can peddle and these seem great except they seem so wide that paddling seems it would be difficult and there is only hand controls to the rudders. I know that having hand and foot controls would add to the aready high cost of these, but to be a truly hybrid between paddling and peddling then this needs to be addressed. I find that being able to have the choice between foot power and paddle power is great, especially for all day trips where you can rest upper body and use the legs to keep going. I amd watching and saving for one of these kayaks that you have the choice between peddle and paddle.

Not a Kayak?
The SOT is already getting far enough away from the traditional notion of a kayak, that the dual bladed paddle you use to propel them seems to be what makes them a “kayak.” These new boats with splitting or dual hulls, wacky seating options, and multiple alternate methods of propulsion are basically just small boats. Unless “Kayak” is a category of small boats, or a marketing tool to make them more sell-able.