Moulding on Ocean Venus 11

I just got my new Ocean Venus 11 out of the barn for the first time. We put it in the pond for a spin. after I pulled it out I was wiping it down with a towel. Thats when I noticed the holes by the scupper holes and the bad quality moulding. Anyone have one of these and know what the bottom should look like? I’ve had it for over a month and this is the first time I looked at it. I guess I cannot post photos…

looks don’t matter
As long as they function OK, it does not really matter what they look like. BTW you can upload photos to a photo site like Flickr for free and then post a link to one of more shots for something like this.

Honestly, the Ocean Venus is a fairly low end boat – you are not going to find precise fit and finish on these. As long as components don’t rip out of the hull or look badly deformed, don’t worry about it. And you say you’ve had it out before so you could have smashed the part a bit on a rock. Boat hulls and the stuff stuck in them get beat up, not something to worry about.