Mount a small WPi camera ON my paddle?

I’m considering attaching a little, rounded-bar-of-soap, waterproof Pentax OptioWPi camera to my paddle ONLY for familiar Class III whitewater runs and easier stuff.

How might this get in the way of my paddling, or would it, if positioned well? I’m concerned about the paddling/ obstruction/ my safety aspects more than the camera situation.

I only have a C-C roll on my right side at the moment, so perhaps the camera could go on the middle/left of my bent Werner, near the bend? Maybe it would be securely attached under the shaft, so as not to stick out/down when flipped. (I could rotate images afterwards, of course, so it doesn’t matter if all my pics from normal paddling are upside down, and I’d put some kind of small, soft hood on to shade the LCD).

Any thoughts and ideas?

I’m thinking silicon/neoprene sleeve, taped and tethered on, with foam on the cord. The foam, brightly-colored and slim, may be taped along middle of paddle (with the tied, very short and thin cord) out of the way, is for floatation in case it gets knocked off.

Why shouldn’t I mount a small WPi camera ON my paddle? (Or should I? and where/how?)

i would think that you are going to snap it off purty quick-at least i would…

the new wrist mounted camera would work well though…so a google search…i know that NSI is dealing them…

Pics might not be very good
If you’re planning on doing video I think paddling will make the picture jump around so much you won’t be able to tell whats going on. If you just want to do still pics the paddle would make it harder to manipulate the camera. I carry my WPi in my PFD pocket with the lanyard attatched and a small float as a backup.

If you want video while running rapids I think a helmet, chest or boat mount would produce a better picture. This is just my opinion and if you try it I’d be interested in your results.

Have a link to the Wrist Mount?
The on-paddle set-up will be used primarily for stills of WW action on/of rapids I just went down or am about to andduring scouting (hmm, might want velcro and quick-release tether). Later, from calm eddies melow I might do some video, or from a rock with the support of the paddle on my knees perhaps.

It WILL be tethered with a strap, and the strap will have bright foam on it – not too worried if it the cord does break away.

No wrist mount or camera at:

But a wrist mount seems less supportive than a paddle, and my loose blade would be dangling down near the river akwardly to the far right. I need something that allows me to keep the paddle securely in my hands at least somewhat sometimes.

Boat mount
The paddle mount for video is going to jump all over the place. Head mount is pretty squirrely too but better. Try mounting it on the deck or maybe try to talk to Vince Shay or the gal that does THis is the Sea, they both have web pages and are friendly approachable people.

wont work… The Camera is NOT that water proof.

You say this from experience??
Or just guestimating … it won’t be swimming in big hydraulics or getting maytagged in the surf. I might be pushing the limits, but it seems to hold up well in Class IV whiewater in just a mesh PFD pocket, according to several paddlers.

I just got mine today :slight_smile: … good controlability once you get used to it and learn what’s best.

Can anyone see the screen?
With my new WPi, I can’t really see the picture on the LCD screen - I just point in the general direction I want and press the shutter. I’m talking about outdoor shots when it’s somewhat bright out.

Anyone found a way to get a better view of the LCD screen outdoors?


The screen gets brighter
when you depress the shutter halfway to focus. I also find I can usually see the screen ok if I shade it with my hand.

The camera won’t hold up to an old lady swimming with it… It’s made for a short dunk. but moving water will quickly over whelm the seal… You can submerge it, take underwater shots. But a Blast of water is different from a dunk… read up on the water proof standards that its actually certified for.

Standards, schmandards …
I haven’t heard of one water-related failure yet – and I’ve mainly seen and focused on actual user reviews and comments from whitewater paddlers. I’m not hesistant to test mine on Class III this weekend. More worried about setting up a good tether set-up to my PFD pocket D-ring (paddle idea will come later).

I’m going to try one of these …

Though it is overpriced, it’s a great idea

Keep the lens wiped clean
I got my WPi last weekend and went kayaking with friends. It takes nice pictures but I’ve found that drops of water on the lens distort and ruin what may have been good shots. I’m looking for a way to keep a dry soft cloth handy for wiping the lens. Good luck with yours and let me know if you find a way to keep the lens clear for good shots.

I made a chamois cover for my WPi
and as well as protecting the camera I can use it to wipe the lens. Being inside a cover or pocket will divert direct jets of water from the seal. I’ve had no problems with leakage including one ocassion when I didn’t lock the cover and despite playing and a number of rolls it was fine.