Mountain River Royalex Solo Canoe?

I purchased a Sawyer solo canoe today. While doing so, I saw that the seller also had a solo royalex “Mountain River” canoe for sale. I can’t find any info about it. I’m guessing it was 14 foot x maybe 30-32 inches at the gunnels. Solo with an old Perception plastic saddle. Wood gunnels. The boat was in great condition and the seller wanted $300 for it. Anyone know anything about it?

Sure it wasn’t an outfitters livery? Popular float/name.

I can’t say for sure but it’s doubtful. The seller is an old friend of my father so I know him a little bit. He’s not someone who would buy anything used. Also, it’s a solo and laced for airbags—not a typical livery canoe.

I wish I’d have actually measured it. It reminded me of an old Mohawk Challenger, but with wood instead of vinyl. I wonder if Mohawk ever made hulls for other companies? In any case, I suspect that someone else made the hull and “Mountain River” supplied the wood gunnels and the decal.

For $300, I’m thinking of making another drive to go get it. It looked like it would be adequate for a lake or Class III, and excellent for anything in between.

Get some pictures…

Mystery solved! The boat in question is indeed a Mohawk Challenger, and the original owner replaced the (vinyl?) gunnels with wood. A friend bought this evening for $300. It’s a beauty!

I have a Mohawk Challenger. It is a good all around solo, for an older design.