Mountain Surf skirt on a Greenlander Pro

I’ve been using a Snapdragon—it tends to come off pretty easy and allows a bit of water in.

Any Greenlander Pro owners using a Mountain Surf sprayskirt? If so, is it a good fit (dry)?



Another option
Try adding some automotive door edge guard to the lip of your coaming. The cheapest most minimal stuff tends to work/look best (at least on black coamings - clear is another option).

This gives a little smoother/fuller/rounder edge on the lip for the neo to seal on (and makes it overall slightly larger around). Also makes for smoother on/off and less wear on the skirt.

Won’t take care of any reverse/convex curve gapping issues some coaming rims have, and I’m assuming you have the right size skirt…

i like em.

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I use mountain-surf skirts (basic version) on all my boats and I prefer them. I have used snapdragons and seals before. Mountain-surf is the driest in rough and rolling conditions, however the bungees are super-strong meaning that in winter or colder weather they can be VERY tough to put on (still pretty easy to pull off in a wet-exit.) The payoff is that you stay dry--but don't expect it to be leak-proof. I've never had a totally leak-proof skirt.

I've also never had a MS skirt pop off accidentally--to fully answer your question.

Thanks for the feedback

Mountain surf makes a variety…
…of skirt styles and sizes.

If you buy what they recommend, it will exceed your