Mounting a Backband with Foam Seat???

I cut the factory seat out of my Kajaksport Viviane and put in a foam one. The foam backrest I made is killing my back.

What is the best way to mount a backband in the boat now that I have cut out the seat to which it would normally mount?



Foam block?
Works for me.


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I have a foam block in my Romany and really like it. For some reason I have just not been able to get it right on my other boat. Angle, height, not sure.

I have a really bad back (hairline fracture in my vertabrae and can't afford to mess around with it) and it is just killing me. I have tried making another but with no luck for the same reason.

I am going to give up and go with the backband.


Was the original backband mounted into the seat drops? If so, you should have left a tab of about 1" or so from the seat drops in the kayak to attach the backband to. If that’s impossible now, you’ll have to mount the backband by drilling a hole in the deck outside the coaming and mounting the webbing to a bolt. I did that in one kayak I built. It worked great until I switched to a foam pillar.

What was wrong with the seat?
I took the back band out of my Kajaksport Millenium because I could never get it comfortable. I put in a rigid composite back rest in. It swivels with the seat and I find it extemely comfortable. The Kajaksport seat is a simple bucket that supports your cheeks and I can sit it in all day.


The seat…
I too liked the seat but the problem was that since it was integral with the coaming it was too narrow for me. I have now owned three different boats where the seat was part of cockpit coaming and all were too narrow. To me this is a drawback to hanging a seat this way.

I don’t think I have extremely wide hips, but these seats were too tight for me in the hips and hindered proper rotation. The only remedy was to cut it out and use a foam seat.

I am not sure I can drill a hole through the deck b/c of the skeg cable routed through there and the excess epoxy that is in there that reinforced the seat (that seat was bomproof and a real PIA to get out).

I may drill a hole sideways through the coaming itself.

I am always a little concerned though about the backband putting too much stress on the boat where it is mounted and causing a crack or break.