Mounting a compass

I’m trying to mount a Ritchie Kayaker compass to the deck of my Dagger Specter. The angled deck requires a shim in order to mount the flat compass base plate.

Does anyone have any ideas on how best to accomplish this?

minicell foam
Are you going to drill holes to mount the compass base? Either way, use a piece of carved minicell foam as a gasket to go between the boat and the compase base. One side flat for the base, the other side molded to the curves of the kayak to fill the spaces and level it out.

It’s pretty simple
1. Get some adhesive-backed sandpaper (a.k.a. “PSA” sandpaper) and stick it to the deck where you want the compass to go.

2. Take the material that you want to make the adapter from (wood, plastic) and sand it to shape using the sandpaper on the deck. That will recreate the deck contour perfectly on the bottom of the adapter.

3. Remove the sandpaper from the deck.

4. Screw or glue the adapter to the deck.

5. Mount the compass to the adapter.