Mounting a deck compass?

I received a Brunton 70P compass for Xmas. I noticed that they give you four very small diameter and sharply pointed screws for mounting it which makes sense if one was going to mount it into wood. Since this one is going onto the deck of my kayak in the recessed part that is molded into the deck for it I would prefer to mount it to the fiberglass without using those screws and have their sharp points protruding into the storage space. Most likely looking at using stainless steel bolts. What have others done?

I mounted mine . . .
. . . with 8/32 stainless machine screws with acorn nuts on the underside.

provided screws work fine.
The screws provided do work fine but you’re not the first person who has felt concern over protruding sharp screw tips on deck underside.

You can dab the screw tips with epoxy putty. or you could sand them down to round stubs with a Dremel tool.

Or you can use very small nuts & bolts, but you’d have to drill holes for them.

I used the provided screws but first drilled very small pilot holes using a tapered countersink drill bit.

Mounting Compass
Here is a write up about mounting this exact compass.

Use the screws …
clip off the sharp tip with wire cutters after installed and coat the ends with Lexel.

Provided screws are fine
I’ve done them on 3 of our boats with the stock screws. No problems.

I drill the screw holes with the tiniest drill bit I have, fill the holes with Lexel before inserting the screws to seal them, and then bed the entire compass in Lexel spread in the recess. They stay in just fine.

I also coat the tips of the screws in Lexel on the inside. None of them leak, and they are all securely mounted. Just don’t overtighten the screws.

Another vote for the supplied screws
I pre-drill the holes to match the shank diameter of the screws and use sealant when installing then (Lexel, GOOP, etc.). If you look inside the boat after you install the compass, you’ll see that the protruding screws are not really in a place where anything is likely to reach them (it’s a recess, afterall), but I usually clip off the ends that I can reach, with wire cutters. A dab of sealant will make sure that there are no exposed sharp edges, if you feel the need.