Mounting camcorder to kayak

I just purchased a Sanyo Xacti VPC-CA9 720p HD waterproof camcorder. I want to take it out on my kayak and I’m trying to figure out how to mount it. My kayak is an Advanced Elements Advanced Frame Expedition touring kayak. Since it’s an inflatable kayak I need something that will be some sort of platform that I can bungee down to deck ties to hold the camera. I have some ideas of how I want to go about this using some pvc pipe and part of a regular camera tripod. Has anyone made their own rig or seen something similar?

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my project…
…I got a scrap piece of suitable sized plastic sheet and cut slots in each of the 4 corners and routed straps thru them. I then attached my appliance to it with appropiate hardware. I then ran the straps to the boats perimeter line as normal.

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