mounting fishfinders

Hey guys,

Has anyone mount their transducer inside their hull? I was wondering if it will work through it? I have the walden cuda and want to mount it inside the front hatch, but dont know if the plastic contains any air bubbles. If it does the transducer wont work right. Any suggestions???

Try this
I shoot through the hull. Just put a large glob of vasaline on the transducer and tape it down. This will tell you if it works or not. That is the way I use mine. I don’t want to mount it permanently. Jim

What model finder do you use, and is that a poly boat? Also, what type of tape do you use… Duct tape?

Walden Cuda
I have a Cuda and I mounted the transducer under the front hatch.

Works fine.

I mounted the unit on the front left and ran the wires from a exact size slit I cut in the hatch rim. Allowed the hatch to go on alright and I never experienced any water problems. Could have lexeled the slit but I didn’t want to mount it really permanent. I used blue auto grease to stick the transducer down and it never moved. Just put a old towel or someting over the grease and trans to keep it neat under there.

It’s a great little yak; Good Luck!

I have the Piranha 1 Portable.(I removed the suction cup) My yak is a poly Pungo. Duct tape works fine for me. I have never had any problems with this setup.

Good luck. J D