mounting hand pump to underside bow

I’m looking for recommendations on how to mount a pump so I dont have to carry on top of deck. I’ve read a couple folks use shock cord underneath deck but need some guidance on what type of hardware etc to do this. I also know harmony has a clip kit for mounting externally that I picked up thinking it would mount underneath also.

any recommendations or direction would be appreciated.

Not under the bow…
My old kayak was wide enough to mount the pump behind the seat on the bulkhead. My new one is too narrow and I did not want it on deck. I thought about underdeck but figured it’d be a pain when getting in and out. I did find a great solution. It fit beside the seat on top of curved foam block. It is a perfect location. It is out of the way and secures quite well just wedged in there. You may have to make some mods to the foam but I did not have to and it is easy to get out while sitting or swimming. Give it a try, just put the intake pointing to the stern.

carrying the pump
The greater % of glass kayaks can carry a hand pump in the space between the seat struts and the hull. Just shove it in there if you have the space.

What boat do you have? Many people mount them between the legs, centered under the deck. You can use velcro straps that you can epoxy in place. The 5 min. epoxy works fine for that. It usually won’t interfere with your entering the boat.

Depends On Your Boat
A pump will not fit behind my seat or between my seat and the hull. I looked at mounting one on the side of the hull just underneath the coaming but there was not enough room there either. I installed an idea from GreYak, a hanging bag under the deck just forward of the cockpit. A pump fits between the bag and the deck without getting in the way.

I have since installed a foot pump and don’t carry a hand pump any longer.

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I’ve got pics of pump mounting…
…in my Kayak Outfitting album on Webshots at:

Don’t use clips
if you want to mount your pump under the foredeck. That seems like a great way to gash your knees during a wet exit.

I store my pump between my Northwater underdeck bag and the deck. Bag is mounted with vinyl pads and Vynabond adhesive.

Many folks do stow their pumps between the seat hanger and the side of the hull, but unless you are slender & flexy you will not be able to access the pump if another boater needs to de-water. It’s a judgement call.