Mounting the electric motor to the bow

Has anyone tried mounting an electronic motor to the bow or toward the bow of a canoe? Do you think it would be more efficient? It would probably assist in boat control in the wind. It seems like it would be more comfortable too since you could face forward…

See this link for what I’m talking about:

What do the experts think?

Bow mounts on Bass Boats work great. On a canoe I’d wonder about lossing the abilty to float/rise over waves such as large wakes.

I would like to see a canoe built with A center mounted trolling motor mount that retracts like a center board on a sail boat. This would balance the boat, reduce draft when stowed and allow 360 degree steering.

I did it
i tried it a long time ago with a very stable canoe and it did not work well at all. Every thing was fine until I tried to turn the slightest bit. Then the moment arm of the motor would really try to flip the canoe. I went back to mounting the motor just behind the stern seat.