mouse (pad) in my boat!!!

Anyone use them for cushioning?

Saw the article in Sea Kayaker…looks OK if you need THIN padding…

I want to add just a tad o’ cushion to a seat.

Do they last- absorb water- stay glued???


No problems
I use them for under-deck padding in one of my boats, and they’re great.

Use a high-quality waterproof contact cement & they’ll be fine. Neoprene is neoprene. Mouse pads just cost a whole lot less, that’s all.


Yup. I use them…
…in fact, Dell used to make some thin mousepads

that had a hard plastic coating over a real thin

(1/16") thick sheet of neo.

If you’re careful, you can peel the hardplastic

coating off leaving the neo intact. It makes

good patching material for sprayskirts, booties…

If you go to Michaels or Joanne Fabrics, etc, you can buy sheets of closed cell foam. They make it as thin as .5mm all the way to 6mm thick. I have used it to good effect, very similar to minicel. Takes contact cement well.

Heal pad on the floor of one of my race boats.