Moving a seat - Tempest 170?

Just purchased a Wilderness Systems Tempest 170 (RM) and would like to find someone who has experience moving the seat back and inch or two. Or, if someone has experience with switching the foot peg assemblies with another that offers longer positions, this might be an alternative. Of course, I hesitate to drill new holes in the plastic of the boat itself. Maybe better, since I would not then change the boat’s center of gavity.

Because I am 6 foot 2 inches, I would be more comfortable with a bit more leg room. My new boat is just a bit too cramped, and after a couple hours, I long for length in the cockpit :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer!

Some Experience
I’m surprised that a 6’ 2" person would max out a Tempest 170 foot peg. Do you really have it set all the way forward?

I had the seat in my Tempest 165 moved back a full 2 inches so I could easily get my legs in and out of the boat. It didn’t affect the handling / speed of the boat at all. The seat was moved back so that the rear bolt holes became the front ones. The mechanic ‘welded’ the two holes shut and it looks just fine. I think he charged me 20 or 25 dollars.

Feels great.

Moving a seat - Tempest 170?
Thanks kudzu! Yes, the pegs are maxed, but I have 34 inch inseams for legs! Fits OK, but with feet on pegs, my feet hold the pegs with ankles flexed back to kness (more vertical). I like my ankles flexed a bit forward. In present position my knees hook the pads, and to stretch my legs at all, I need to slide off the pegs and toward the forward bulkhead.

If your rear seat stay holes become the front, wouldn’t this push your seat forward? Or do you mean your forward seat stay holes are moved aft? What holes are welded? How did the mechanic “weld” them? How might I find a mechanic?

Hey, thanks for taking the time!!!

I’m fixin’ to go ride my bike. I’ll take a picture of the fix later and post it.

unbolting/ re-bolting the seat is the hardest part. It helps to have a short handled 3/8" box end. I cut on with a hacksaw, but a socket will also work.

Once the bolts are out you slide the seat aft and re-drill the SEAT, NOT the deck, if you move it 1.5" or less. Over 1.5 requires new deck holes (2 only)and filling the forward holes. If’in you don’t want to weld the holes closed you can plug with additional bolt and nut.

Remember to thread the backstrap and leg lifter straps back in.

EZ to turn the boat upside down when washering and nutting the bolts. Gravity is your friend when upside down.

Takes me 10 minutes max.

good luck


holes again…
Steve, funny that the very expert sales rep who helped me at the Paddlesports show was also named Steve. He did an excellent program in the pool at the show as well.

I am curious. Is there any possibility of drilling new holes in the foot peg assemblies and placing them more forward toward the bulkhead? Of course, you’d use the same original holes for bolts already in the hull… just moving assemblies. This may keep gravity centered better, you think? Seems like there’s lots of space for this method, rather than new holes near the cockpit if you wanted more than a 1.5 inch aft seat placement.

My thanks for you comments!

Want to See?
I’m having trouble posting the digital shots of the Tempest seat fix. Send me an email and I’ll fire 'em off to you.


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If you move your feet forward you will be moving weight forward. a little weight aft 'out of balance'is better than forward.

People with big feet/ long legs benefit from moving the seat aft. you'll run into other issues moving the pegs, as well. they're not easily drilled and tapped.

The additional hole in the deck is not really a biggie. sure you need it more than an inch and half?

You do know I am the same one who helped you @ the show and did the pool demo?

which customer were you?



Holes again… hmmm!
Hi Steve!

Yeh, I suspected you were the Paddleshow WS rep :wink: I got a hint with the language you used for the fix in a previous message. I am the tall, slim guy, half a century or so old, had two young girls with me and told you I bought a Chatham 16 carbon layup along with the Tempest. My buddy at the show was there and we discussed Greenland paddle technique a bit with you. My web pages are

If I move the forward seat hole to the aft boat hole (the aft hole next to the cockpit rim), will I have room on the seat stay to drill just one more hole on each side? Or will I have to drill two new holes in the seat to use the already existing holes in the boat?

Hey, thanks for taking all the time! Sorry to be so obtuse.