Moving Cross Country

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I hope this is the right forum to post this question, but it's a bit of an odd one.

I have a 17' sea kayak (Current Designs Squall). I'm going to be moving cross country, loading all my gear into the smallest-size rental truck I can get (probably a 14' truck, maybe a 16'). I'll be hauling my car on a trailer.

The question is, how to transport the boat? Is it legal/safe to place the boat on the roof rack of the car if the car is being hauled on a trailer? Somehow, I doubt this is a good idea. The only other option I can think of is to leave the boat with my family and have it shipped to my final destination (I'm sure that'll be costly and quite inconvenient).

At any rate, I doubt there's any way I can squeeze the boat into the truck.

Any suggestions welcome.

Double strap it

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Front and back tie-downs. Red flag on the stern. Check it once after fifteen minutes on the freeway, then every few hours. And get a tie-yak or other lock to secure it to the rack, as I'm guessing you'll be overnighting at motels. And find motels with room doors that open to the street, and park in front of your window.

Legal, though?
Thanks for the replies.

I have to consider though: this is America, where everything is illegal, and since I’ll be travelling through several states, I don’t need any issues with the “local fuzz”.

As for the safety of it, I’m convinced it’s OK if I double-strap it, front/rear tiedowns, and lock it. It’s just the potential legal hassles…

if kayak projects
past the bumper, make sure you red flag the end of the boat to assure legality in some states.

Safe trip, Kaps

Post the states you’ll be travelling
through. Maybe folks on the board will respond with info about the law in their states. I live in Ohio. I’m not sure what the law is in my state, but could probably find out.

I’ll have a go at it
Thanks everyone for the responses. I guess I can try it and see what happens. How else to find out, eh? :slight_smile:


Possible Change in Plan
Looks like I may just end up having my stuff shipped, so I’ll just drive and car-top the boat on the way as usual.

Less hassles that way… relocating is such a joy…

Kill me…