Moving Kayak Around

I want to be able to move my Kayak from the garage down to my lake easily. There is a sloping grass area. It is a Necky Manitou 13 and a little heavy for me to carry by myself. Any and all suggestions appreciated. Thank you. Betsy.

I would get this.

I use a cart to go around the corner to my local lake. I have a “center” style instead of an “end” cart (I have the “Yedo” which may now be the “Nemo”?) Anyway, depending on how far your walk is, a “center” design will bear more of the weight for you than an “end” style. I can use it for my canoe as well. The one I have, and many other similar designs, disassemble easily to stow in a hatch, so you don’t have to walk it back to the house, or worry about it walking off. If you have a short trip, the end design may be fine.

Kayak C art
After I posted my message I went to Google and put in Kayak Cart (Duh!) and found lots of them. Mill - That info is very helpful. Thanks to both of you for not saying “why don’t you go to google and put in Kayak Cart”.

Now let me say it but a little different
Do a google search on making a kayak cart. Some PVC pipe and a couple of wheels and you can make your own. I made 2 of them and it took me all of an hour.

Drag it over the grass?

grass drag down hill should be fine
Up hill a cart would be nice

If it is not too far
A simple luggage cart may do fine, or a cart for carrying golf clubs or a child’s wagon if you are just going around your lake and do not need to take the cart with you in the boat. Bungee cords or straps can secure the boat for a short distance.

Go here.

Works just wonderful on my Sundance 12 which would be very similar to your kayak. This cart fits in a standard kayak hatch so you can store it right in the kayak, no need to go back to the car with it.

cheaper cart
try this site:

name is a bit of a misnomer. They are in St. Petersburg and only do carts. I have the stern sport which works for all of my boats, and fits in the rear hatch easily.

paid 40 for mine but they raised their prices to 45.


DON’T buy this one
This one sold at REI is junk, doesn’t grip the kayak well:

Paddleboy works much better.

rei cart
I received this cart as a birthday gift last year, and you’re right, it doesn’t fit my yak (Carolina)very well. I even tried putting at the bow end and pushing it, which actually works, and in some cases is easier. I’ve rigged up several bungies to keep it in place and it works just fine. It does dismantle quickly and fits right into the hatch. I’m glad to have it when I need it. I’m going to try suction cups and some cushioning (noodles) before I use it again.

me too
Got the Shark Sport. Hauls all 3 of my kayaks from my 11’8" rec kayak to a 15’11’ seakayak. at They are all between 43-46 lbs btw and I can carry them & cartop them. Hit the weights! :wink:

Don’t use the cart as much as I thought I would. More like insurance.

The Shark Sport weighs 5 lbs. Wheels come off & it stores in the aft hatch. Rustproof, folds flat in the trunk.

Happy paddling Betsie!

A Huge Thanks
Thanks for all the wonderful tips and ideas about a cart. I was thinking about a Paddleboy Molly but it might be like the REI one. You think so? Thanks again. Betsy.

I have no direct experience
with the Molly, but looking at it, I suspect it doesn’t stay on the boat too well. If you’re going to buy rather than build, I’d go with the regular Paddle Boy. Yep, they are pricey, but they go on and off quickly, and hold the boat securely. If you get one that requires you to do a bunch of additional strapping and bungy-ing, just to move it the short distance you’re going, you might start wondering why you don’t just carry it or drag it.

Kayak cart

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Just what you need, they were designed for solo transport. you still carry it the same as if you were carrying with two people, grabing a handle. I am pretty sure the manitou 13 has carrying handles.

PS: The manitou 13 is a wonderful kayak, I demoed one.

Kayak Cart
Yesterday my husband and I (mostly husband) made a kayak cart. It turned out awesome. Thanks to each of you for your suggestions. This forum ranks right at the top for good, reliable info. Betsy.