Moving, need Canoe Transportation

Help! I am moving from Northern CA to VA and need to get my canoe (17’ Wenonah Escape) from Sonoma County, CA to Virginia.

If anyone is heading that way in the next couple of months and is willing to transport please let me know. I will of course pitch in some $$! I don’t really care about how long it takes to get there, only that it gets there!

Alternatively, if anyone knows a company that does this kind of transportation, please share contact info.

Thanks in advance!

When we moved from KY to GA,
the moving company agreed to load our canoes on the top of the load. One canoe was 18.5’ and 85 pounds. The driver was able to get the canoes treated as ordinary furniture rather than as unusual, oversize. He said that because the load was such that the canoes could be loaded high, he didn’t see any reason to charge us extra.

But you’ll find variation in cost for such things. The point is that canoes aren’t any more trouble than couches.

youtube bio of trip
try craislist!!! know many that have hauled boats via them

Canoe Transportation
If your moving company won’t do it (but they should)

Try these:

Warning: don’t use UPS
Just ask thebob.

How is your car moving?
Put it on top of your car and drive it. When I moved from Woodstock, NY, to Tallhassee, FL, I carried five open canoes on top of my van. Same thing when I moved back again.

When I moved from San Jose, CA, to Woodstock, NY, the moving truck took two large canoes in the truck for no extra charge, a 16’ Mad River Explorer and a 17’ Old Town wooden OTCA. Of course, that was a corporate move so I really don’t know what all the fees were.

I also drove my van from Connecticut to Sacramento, CA, and back again just to pick up a custom made outrigger canoe.

You wanna boat, you gotta drive.

transporting boats
KAS Transport is a very reliable boat transporting co. Your canoe would be tied down on racks on a very large trailer and wouldn’t be damaged in transport. I’ve been involved with their shipping a few boats for me or to me. Never any damage! They are more expensive than many other options. You get what you pay for.