Moving options

I am moving 1,600 miles. My wife won’t accept to drive with the kayak on the roof rack.The van line is asking $600 to transport my Epic V8 (18ft). Is this price reasonable? Any other options.

I am sure this question has been asked before, but I can’t find a topic with the search engine.


Buy your wife a one way ticket & let her fly. Drive the kayak.


What vehicle will you be driving?

Buy someone a ticket 1600 miles in the opposite direction.

Second option buy some pants.


Why does she not want the kayak roofhauled?

Is it her car that would carry it or yours?

Is it that she doesn’t want to drive it or that she doesn’t want a giant torpedo on it regardless who drives?

What rack system on what vehicle?

Does she resent your kayaking and hopes you will not move it?

Another option besides the excellent first reply’s suggestion is to rent a trailer and haul that way. But that has its own challenges if you are not used to doing it.

Good luck whatever you decide!

She doesn’t like the idea of carrying a long boat on such a long drive that includes high crosswind regions and mountain passes. Me neither, by the way.

I’d appreciate recommendations about shipping options.

On pricing, a local kayak shop recently offered someone $200 if they were driving from SF Bay Area to Seattle and could take a new sea kayak to a customer. Of course, the kayak shop wants to pay as little as possible, as everything they need to pay comes out of their profit. Where the shipping company wants to charge as much as possible, as that is profit.

another reference:
Last 2 boats I had shipped to me (from WA to FL)
2017: $550
2015: $500

(Sterling kayaks, shipped in Eddyline containers)

Tube it. Makes some ends and motor freight it. Take it to a freight terminal on your rack. It will be much cheaper. Pick up at terminal when you get there.

$600.00 to ship an item that size and that distance is a reasonable amount for sure.

You could check with KAS or another kayak-specific transporter. $600 seems high, and the risk of damage to your kayak in shipping with the van line (or common carrier) is not insignificant. You’ll need to weigh the risk of damage while the kayak is out of your control vs driving it yourself. I have shipped and received dozens of kayaks while working at a kayak shop - the damage rate is high. I have also driven the east coast 5 times with kayaks on the roof (2 trips with one, and three trips with two) totaling over 10k miles. Personally I wouldn’t ship my boats unless it was the only option.


@Brodie Thank you!

I suggest you buy a trailer with the intent to use it to haul your kayak from now on. My longest kayak is 19’-2" and I wouldn’t think of hauling it any other way. You might also find the trailer useful for hauling all sorts of other things. My trailer is a flat bed utility trailer with removable bunks for the boats. The boats ride on edge in nice soft bunks. I have side , front and rear boards for hauling whatever, These are also removable.

Loading and unloading the boats from the approximately four foot high bunks is extremely easy and there is no worry about losing the boat to the wind.

Yep, KAS is a great option. Should be around $200.

Also, I’ve seen posts online where people ask others if they are travelling. Usually pay around 100 or so.

We always do it for friends when the opportunity arises.

For the $600 that you would pay, you could buy the best kayaking roof rack, ez load system known to man. Regardless, if you know how to safely tie down the kayak, there is no issue. Period. I traveled 2200 miles with a 90+lb canoe, 18 ft. No issue whatsoever.

@Gregy Not even remotely close. If the vehicle doesn’t have rails already, you can spend 600 on just towers and cross bars, let alone cradles and accessories.

To the OP, $600 for that distance is a reasonable price, if it is insured.

I wouldnt try to save a little money to let some random person haul my expensive boat halfway across the country.

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We know it’s about 1600 miles.

But from where to where specifically?

Greyhound transports items and is very reasonable. You have to pick it up at the bus station. Had an 8 person antique dining table sent to us using them. Check and see if they can handle your kayak.

Has to fit in a bus. 18ft kayak is not going to work with them