Moving ,,Polymer Cracking in Cold?

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I'm moving and will be transporting my two necky polymer sea kayaks on top of my vehicle through Nevada, Utah , Wyomming , and Nebraska through what I'm sure will be extremely cold temperatures not to mention the windchill.
Due to the severe cold , I'm concerned the poly could crack under the road and cold stress. I have Thule roll-on type kayak carriers.

Is this a valid concern ot should I not worry.

Thanks in advance for your input.


First off, forget about “wind chill”

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Wind chill is a way of expressing how rapidly heat is removed from an object which is already warmer than the air, specifically, how rapidly heat is pulled away from bare human skin. It has no effect on inanimate objects such as your boat. No matter how strong the wind blows, the boat will not get any colder than the air.

I think you'll be fine transporting your boat, as plastic boats sometimes get shipped by truck simply stacked like dead fish, but I'd wait for someone else's answer on that score if I were you. I have transported a Royalex canoe in pretty cold temperatures without any problems, though.

All plastic ice-cube trays are made
from polyethylene with thinner walls than your kayaks.