Moving/shipping canoe cross country

I have a 16 foot Old Town Appalacian in Seattle and want to get it (back)to Maine. What is the cheapest shipping? I have several months before I need it in ME. I am not moving anything else.

RU driving to ME?
If you’re not driving, then see if someone else is going that way. Check with your local paddling shop and clubs. Shipping is a mixed bag, so if the canoe isn’t special, sell it and buy a new one at the other end. Probably near the same price for that distance. We bought Mohawks and the company shipped them to us via a trucking line, wrapped in cardboard, from FL. They arrived just fine, but a friend’s expensive kayak in a crate didn’t.

canoe racers
are having their nationals Find one who is going to it and line up another who is going back to Maine. Throw in some money for gas and it isn’t a big deal. How ever it might be simpler to sell it and buy one on the other end

Shipping canoe

You can list (free) your item, say where it is and where it has to go.

Independent truckers subscribe to the site and will call you with quotes and discuss how they will handle.

A lot of these guys will pick it up and deliver it without it going through central depots where things can get damaged by a highlow or carless employee.

shippinging canoe
Where are the Nationals? the beginning of the message was chopped off.

…think I was a UShip recipient

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I think I received a kayak(GASP!&$%^%*%) back in ~2004 from a shop that accessed UShip or something equivalent...rather large truck stopped by my house in Bangor Maine...looked like he had dropped off stuff beforehand..or was about to pick up stuff.

nationals are going to be in wisconsin(I think) look it up on google and post on their forum people are working deals all the time. I went up to a nationals with no boat on my car and came back carrying one some had bought and needed moved.