Moving to Florida

I’m in the market for a new kayak. I’ve been Paddling for about 3 years now and I currently have a recreational kayak, but am planning to upgrade to a touring boat. I’m also moving to Florida in about 2 months. I want to be able to sea kayak with possible overnights but also want something that i can take on smaller fast rivers (not rapids, but definitly a strong current)in the Florida area. I will be moving to the gulf coast of FLA. Anybody have any good ideas on what i should get. Money is an issue.

Two suggestions
1. Go to as many demo events and shop that are on water and have demo boats as you can. The more you try the more you’ll begin to figure out what you like. Don’t put too much weight on first impressions either - your impressions will change as you try more. Try some boats more than once. Take recommendations with a grain of salt. Almost everyone loves their kayak - and may or may not have spent much time in anything else. They may also do very different paddling on different waters that you will be. Understand what they like and why.

2. Buy used. Not hard to find decent gear at reasonable prices in FL. The classified here are a good start. Find the local paddling clubs around the area you’re moving to, most have people selling stuff. I’ve bought and sold on eBay too.

the florida gulf …
Anybody have any good ideas on what i should get?

yah, flood insurance.

Florida Gulf Coast
The best kayak shop in Florida is Sweetwater Kayaks in St. Pete. There demo day is the first Saturday of the month. Also a great kayak club is the Tampa Bay Sea Kayakers, with 240+ membership.