Moving to Western North Carolina

Hi y’all,

I’m moving to Clyde, NC at the end of October and I am looking for folks to paddle with and get to know the local rivers. I’m comfortable padding class III - IV.

Are there any local forums or clubs in Western NC?


You’re only about an hour I’d think from Nantahala Outdoor Center. I’d probably cruise over there. No shortage of paddlers and they would know of any groups or clubs.

You will find that you are moving to a perfect paddling locale! Plenty of options across the area from fishing on plentiful lakes and small streams to a LOT of whitewater. The Nantahala Outdoor Center near Bryson CIty is considered the Mecca for paddlers in the southeast. Just roam around the NOC grounds and lots of people to meet and paddle with. If you cross into TN - more water choices, again, from lakes, to flatwater streams, to wild WW…LOTS of opportunities! For clubs, one of the more active is the APES (Appalachian Paddling Enthusiasts). Look them up on their website or FB page.

Welcome to the area!

I live closer to the NC coast, than WW rivers. Coastal surfing is my thing. But know a few WW paddlers, across NC. They belong to the Carolina Canoe Club. It is a WW first club. They also have a FB page, as well. They are an active group, and should be a good contact source.

Lucky you…
A beautiful state, and “many” rivers within driving distance. Also “many” rivers not that far away in Tennessee.
Check out the Nantahala, French Broad, Ocoee, and Chattooga for sure.
You definitely need to check out the Nantahala Outdoor Center. Great place to take a class and upgrade your paddling skills, and the Nantahala river is a fun run. Nice restaurant, nice store, great instructors. I got my Swiftwater Rescue Instructor certification there, and took the Intermediate Level II whitewater class there. Also conned my wife into taking the Introduction to Whitewater class.
If I wasn’t married, and didn’t own the house where I live; I’d be looking for a place to live in North Carolina, no joke.
Don’t think you’ll have much trouble finding some like minded paddlers.
Good luck to ya!