MR Explorer 16

I’m looking for a lighter canoe than my battle-axe Discovery 158, I hate plastic at my age. Should have never sold my OT Tripper years ago…well you know what they say about hindsight. I’m interested in an MR Explorer 16, but the owner doesn’t know whether they have the Royalex hull or the polypro series TT,LT, etc. I could tell if I looked at it, but can’t tell by the pics and don’t want to waste a trip if it’s not Royalex. Does MR put that on a hull sticker? Short of having the original papers or weighing it, are there any other dead giveaways I’m missing? Thanks.


MR Explorer 16
I’ve combed through their specs. and nothing jumped out that I don’t think would confuse them further, other than weight. I’m pretty confident they’ve either got the Royalex Explorer 16 or the 16 TT. Anything visually that should be obvious in their pics?

If memory serves me correctly
the poly Explorer was marked “Explorer 16” on the bow while the Royalex Explorer was simply marked “Explorer”. The way MR shuffled names it’s hard to be sure.

MR Explorer 16
Owner found out, it’s the TT…bummer. Thanks.

Pick a better tandem that you KNOW
is Royalex. The EX16 has its merits, but it’s a dated design.