MR Guide Re-build

Pics of the re-furb of the used MR Guide. Sorry no “before” pics. Perhaps Mr. McCrea can dig up an archive pic from his initial look on my behalf.

Great job Wes. I LOVE to see an “experienced” boat receive a nice sprucing up. She looks like she’s ready for many new adventures.

And I like your sporty drying rack – looks pretty high tech! ;^)

  • Randall

Looking good…
The Guide is one of my favorite canoes.

Mine is the dark leaf green color with wood trim.

Looks to me like you do good work.

I love to see a good boat “come back”.

Was in the garage tonight myself; messing with an older canoe. Tightened loose screws, put a coat of watco on the wood trim, a coat of 303 on the hull, and cleaned out some dark goo from inside the canoe. Added a new set of painters, and “hard to believe”, polished the brass deck plates. Don’t see many canoes with that!

The boat; a l994 Old Town Penobscot 15. Just picked it up this past saturday. Luckily for me, it was a garage queen for many, many years, and was generally in excellent condition. Now it looks like a new one.

I see you have your priorities straight; getting that canoe squared away.

I noticed the bumper crop of dandelions in your yard, and laughed to myself.

What the hell, they’ll die back on their own in a while.



True story…

– Last Updated: May-21-07 11:50 PM EST –

My wife & I are paddling on a river.
I am in my new Guide; she is in my old Guide.
We get separated.

While we are out of sight/hearing, she has an encounter with an old couple in what was probably a 1950's or 1960's Grumman 17 footer.

An old lady is in the bow of the Grumman.

My wife starts to paddle past the Grumman;the old lady and my wife exchange pleasantries....

Then the old lady asks my wife: Are you a river guide?

My wife's response; No, why do you ask?

Old lady: Well it says guide on your canoe; I thought maybe you were a river guide.

My wife responds: No, I'm not a guide; that's the name of the boat.

Old lady: Oh! That's nice; you named your boat.......

My wife: Uh yeah................

At this point my wife picks up the pace, and starts searching for me; to tell me "the story".


Thanks Guys !
I had this done a couple weeks ago and last week/weekend took her float-fishing on the Juniata. We were really focused on the fishing but I had the double pleasure of handling this great responsive boat. Catching eddies and doing one-handed corrections while playing a fish was a hoot !

BTW Bob, my two fishing partners were paddling a 1960 Grumman, 15’ that my cousin got from a 93 year old Uncle. We keep it at the camp and one day I’ll take time to clean it up and get rid of some corrosion spots. It is still very sound.

Restoreing canoes is so much fun
I imaging my wife thinks I take them apart for fun. Psst…don’t tell her I do. I am just finishing up on a MR Eclipse myself.

Very nice
Ya done good. I look forward to getting a close up and personal view soon.



Very nice Wes
I could probably swing a little outing this weekend. I’d be up for anything. Come Sunday or Monday (after the forcasted rain), we’d have lots of options. I’d probably bring the boys.

The boat looks sweet. Always fun fiddlin’ with boats.

Shoot me an email
I could do a daytrip on sunday or Monday, Slipery Rock or Clarion or Allegheny. Monday may be better but let me know. I’ll be seeing Randy tonight and see if he can get away. You have an extra royalex hull for him?

Nice job Wes
Now it’s too nice to be your rocky river boat.

Go to the local Lowes/Home Depot and get some cheap pipe insulation and fit it over the top section of your saw horses. Now you won’t scratch the boat while you are working on it.


Let me know where you guys are going
Rick and I are kicking around a paddle this weekend.

you’ve got mail

Looks great Wes!

When are we all going to do the Yough?


Thanks Bruce
Already do that. With the Royalex hull I don’t worry too much. The gunnal down pics were just for the moment. Lot of fun and though I kept reminding myself “it’s a creek basher” I still needed to make the best of it…ah well


Sweet Wes
That wood is looking good. I couldn’t figure out what the heck those gunnels were doing on the rack like that. Oh drying…duh!

I just finished a rehab and am starting on another. It is hard to let them go, but I guess that opens the door for another.

Jim I’ll email
Potential Sunday trip this weekend. Small group, daytrip, destination TBD. Slip or Yough.

I was just going to post something
I just cleared the weekend of June 9th with the tower. I don’t really have any flexibility on the date in the short to medium term.

I’ll stick something on the other board to see if others would like to join.

Nice work, thanks for the photos
My Guide is the one thebob and JoAnn broke in! What a great canoe it is. I do wish it had wood gunnels and decks. Much more attractive than vinyl and I do enjoy working with wood.