MR Horizon 17

Anyone have experience with this boat. A nearby dealer had a royalex version on their showroom floor. It looked really sweet, enough size for some tandem camping, narrow enough for a rangy guy like me to solo some, and it looked pretty fast.

I wonder how it would compare to boats like the Spirit II, Penobscot 16, and Bell Northwind in Royalex?

Dealer Thinks I’m Crazy

– Last Updated: May-14-08 8:14 PM EST –

I had a few minutes to spare yesterday and went back in to look at the Horizons. There is one on the floor and a couple up on racks so I could study the boat from all vantages other that in the water with paddle in hand. I'm sure the dealer thinks I'm touched. If enjoying looking at canoes nearly as much as paddling them is touched, then I guess its true.

I'm particularly interested in how the Horizon 17 will turn. It looks like just enough rocker to me.

There doesn't seem to be much information in the reviews here or elsewhere on the net.

Nice tandem tripper
I owned a Horizon 17 for a while and found it to be a very capable boat that had plenty of stability and speed and would turn better than I expected and it was NOT godawful heavy. I sold it to an adventure racer and he’s very happy with it as well. The last time I paddled it solo on a river cleanup and I was the “barge” for a group of kayakers. We filled it heaping over with trash and old tires. The last rapid of the day is an S-curve class II and I was still able to negotiate the canoe through the curve and around the target rock at the end, so I was very pleased with it. When I lost my tandem partner I sold it, but if I ever decided to buy another Royalex tandem tripper it would be on my short list. Other Royalex trippers I like are the Bell North Wind(16.5) and the Nova Craft Cronje.

If I wanted more maneuverability I like the Wenonah Prospector in all three lengths. It doesn’t have the 4" of rocker they say in their catalog, more like 2". Or maybe I just don’t understand how they measure rocker. It’s a sweet handling boat. The Nova Craft Prospector 17 is another very capable boat that I like.

Good luck with your search and enjoy this fine weather.

Good Luck
I thought this boat looked great as well, I just have so much trouble getting information on it. Then finding a dealer near me. I can’t speak from experience, but I will say I think it looks great for an all around boat.


Lack of Information
It strikes me as kind of strange that a boat made by Mad River and that looks like a good versitile hull wouldn’t have more information on it. Maybe its kind of a tweener that few folks buy.

Thanks again Andy for sharing your thoughts.