MR Monarch

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Just bought a 1993~4 Monarch. I am looking for advice on modifications that help in every day use and weekend camping. I've equipped 5 canoes and three kayaks with sail rigs and want to do the same to the Monarch. Anyone do this and would offer up some advice for the Monarch? I will be contacting Mark B. for his input of course.
Chris - Pensacola

If you’ve equipped that many boats for
sailing, you don’t need my advice, I need yours!

Golf Umbrella or Paddle Sail
I purchase a clear golf umbrella off e-Bay for light to moderate wind.

I’m going to fashion a sail to fit over a paddle blade which will be 3 times the normal surface area of the blade for use in hard winds.


but I can always learn a lot more. Such as, the first thing to break under sail is the last thing you worked on!! (MB)


One Of McCreas Favorite Tricks

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The worst part is that he tends to sing Mary Poppins tunes when he does this.