MR Power Rocker

Hi all,

I was thinking about installing a center seat in my MR Horizon 15 for better solo paddling. I have seen the “power rocker” on their website (basically a seat support that swivels to support a kneeling or sitting position). This seems like a cool idea to me, but the question is has anyone actually installed one of these? Do they work?

I asked the same question
a while ago, and then talked myself out of it. For me, a seat that is set low enough in y MR Freedom Solo is too low to get my 11’s underneath, and is also lower than my comfort level of stretching my quads.

So I basically fabricated a wooden version of MR’s IQ seat, with a pair of arms hinged at the rear thwart, and the seat bolted to the arms. The seat is suspended by two pairs of load straps. Tightening teh front pair raises the seat for kneeling, and the rear pair sets the lower limit of the sitting position.

I believe that the Power Rocker or a home-made version would work well, but I am not young & limber enough for it!


Sounds simple enough.
Know of at least one other looking for an easier solution for seat variation.

Would like to see the execution of your solution. Do you have a foto Jim?



I’m still on dial-up
and I tried Grovestreet, but it takes way to long to upload. Send me an e-mail and I’ll shoot you a couple of pics.


Bummer. Still be dialup if not for kids.
Impatient little rascles! Now I’m spoiled and can not go back ;^)



May not be available
I wanted to try the Power Rocker but when my dealer placed the order to MR they said they no longer make it. I’d be really interested in seeing one though so I could fabricate my own.

I took pictures Mick
Shoot me an e-mail and I will copy you.



Even if it is availible it would probably be more than I want to spend on it (there wasn’t a price anywhere on the website). So I think home made is the way to go. Jim, could you describe your setup a little more?

Pictures are simpler

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but here goes.

Seat and trusses were removed.

A piece of wood 3/4 x 1-1/2 x 12 was bolted in place of the trusses. Said pieces have slots to accomodate 1 inch straps.

Strap-type SS hinges were bolted to the rear thwart bolts. To the hinges were affixed 3/4 x 1-1/2 arms that extend foreward to the seat position. The seat is bolted to these arms, allowing it to swing up and down.

On eachj side of the seat are two 1 inch accessory straps (mine are Yakimas). the rear pair is adjusted to the lower/sitting position. When I want to kneel, I yank on the free ends of the forward straps to raise the seat assembly.

I don't have an album, but I would be happy to send pics of the setup to anyone interested.


PS: It is much more complicated than a Power Rocker, but I wanted altitude adjustment and not angle.

And Wenonah's adjustable seat is simpler, but I think mine is easier to adjust on the water.

Thanks Jim. E-mail on way.


Pics have been sent.
My woodworking is due for tweaking this fall when I have time (chamfering, radiuses etc)


power rocker photo

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Here's a photo of the power rocker from the Jersey Paddler website:

Thanks for the pic c2g
I had not seen one with that detail. Now I realize that a PR would have not worked for me - in the kneeling position the front edge of the seat actually drops, and I was looking for more, not less foot clearance. Sixty bucks seems steep, too.


I have been looking
into sliders to get additional foot clearance when kneeling. The idea being to allow the seat to slide back away from my feet. It works just fine on the bow seat, but I have yet to find one that would work properly on a middle.