MR Revelation to Bell Alaskan

I had regretfully sold my MR Revelation. I am now looking to replace the boat and have been looking at the royalex Bell Alaskan. Th quality looks top notch. The listed weight is lighter than the old Revelation. The two boats appear similar. Can anyone tell me how the two compare. Thanks for the help.

I took a WW paddling class
with a couple who had an Alaskan. Nice boat. It’s a Prospector clone. They had nothing but good things to say about the boat. You can read a review of it in “Canoe and Kayak’s” Canoe Journel. Cliff Jacobson had an input into its design.

Swift Dumoine
or the Yukon would also be options, there are not many dealers in the US though. I have heard great things about the design.

Wenonah Prospector 16
I was looking at that boat also but opted for the Prospector. I love the boat. It’s worth a look.


Freedom 17 rx
Not that I’m recommending purchasing a MRC boat, but they do still sell the Revelation, under the name Freedom 17 rx. The Freedom 16 rx was formerly the Duck Hunter. both are very similar hulls.

Hope this helps,