MR Synergy vs. NW Manta Ray

Looking at athe ~12’ versions, which do you like better and why? Both look interesting to me. My intended purpose would be poking around on little flatwater creeks and rivers with minimal and small rapids.

I think either could accommodate overnight camping, but correct me if I’m wrong.

Synergy will be a drier boat, the MR
has the better seat. The MR has the hatch, the Synergy none. Other than that, both are decent boats.

From what I’ve found
the Synergy is more maneuverable. The Synergy also has no scupper holes which can make for a drier ride in flatter water. Being 5’5" tall, I needed to use a seat pad (The Thermarest-type one worked well) because the gunwales are a little higher than others. Also, the Synergy’s foot pegs are a little high, but I understand that that is being addressed (?). Now, I own a Synergy 14 and a Manta Ray 14, but I’ve tried out the twelves.

I looked at the Native before buying two
Synergy 14’s. I think you would be happy with either boat. I did not buy the native because of the seat system, but the seat in the MR12 looks very different. I think the Synergy seat is comfortable and I am picky when it comes to seat comfort. I am also 6’3" 250. I use my Synergy on the open water (when not sea kayaking) and like it for taking my Labrador with me, and for my kids to use safely. It tracks well and is easy to get into from the water. It almost paddles as well full of water as it does dry. If you feel the two are pretty equal, I would buy the one with the most American roots/content. Good luck.

Hey Donna
You probably already know about this, but I thought I’d send it on anyway:

"We tried to come up with a way to shake off the permafrost blues. Nothing does it like a new boat, paddle, etc.

Beat the winter blues with this giant indoor swap meet for kayaks, canoes and paddling gear, with participants coming from within a 200-mile radius of Cincinnati. Bring us your tired, your wore, your moldy, and someone will buy it. Or, snare a bargain for yourself. No fees – it’s free!

It’s Saturday, January 26, 1pm-3pm in the warehouse of the Antique Boat Center, 5521 Vine St., Cincinnati, OH 45217. Directions:

Brought to you by your fellow paddlers of ( "

Got it from the TopKayaker web site:;f=3;t=000252

Hi Redmond

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Just curious, who are you in the "real" world? Curious to know if we've met.

OOH, OOH, can I ? Can I…?

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REDMOND ain't hiding...his first Name is John, Last is REDMOND......and a nicer more amiable person you will never meet.

Paddler, Tinker, HouseBoater.....experienced in dang near every boat built...If he ain't owned it yet, he will, and the ones he doesn't own he has prolly paddled at one time or another...

I have found him to be kind, polite, philanthropic (For real...) I have benifited from his generosity (thanks again for the ONNO paddle John...), and witnessed it towards others.

He has a quick, although ascerbic wit, a WEIRD sense of style in paddling headwear, AND he's SINGLE......

Now for the BAD news.......hmmm well I'll ask around, sure there's SOMETHING....hmmmmm......

When I read this i had a passing thought to joke about why we should put up with him in here...but the truth is, he is just like most of the other people I have met or interacted with on PNet...a Great Person sharing a love of the water no matter how he gets there....

And he’s famous
There’s a lake and wildlife area named after him in Kansas. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the invitation, redmond
and I’d love to go, but I’m not welcome there.

I’ve been kicked out of Cincypaddlers three times now. Third time’s the charm; I’m staying gone.

The Manta Rays are a dry ride
for a SOT. I have the MR14 and other than paddle drips, you really don’t get wet.

Both should be great for carrying a pretty decent load. The hatch in the Manta Ray gives you some dry storage as well.


Don’t believe it!!!
Lies, lies, all lies!!


Don’t know if we’ve met, but I grew up in Cincy. Over in the Hyde Park, Mt Lookout area.

By the way, what got you kicked out of the paddling club? Sounds like the potential for a very interesting story!

The inevitable question

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I always get.

These days I just leave it at: I got kicked out. Don't really know why and anymore I don't care. You'd have to ask the leader of CP if you really want to know. *edited* Should have said "if you really want to get a good story."

p.s. I grew up in Norwood. Barracuda spent some time living in Bond Hill about three streets over from me. It's a small world.

I can relate
only at least SuperTroll is telling GOOD lies about you! :slight_smile:

A good story is cool
But I’m not interested in what seems to be gossip. Lot of lives and relationships have been destroyed/hurt/tensioned because of it.

Barracuda also has family here in North Alabama. Got a chance to have dinner with him a couple of years ago on one of his trips here. Definitely a small world.

I suppose gossip is a human
propensity to some extent, and some of it is harmless social bonding type stuff. (“Hey, did you hear? Billy Bob bought a new QCC400”.)

But you’re right - there are other more insidious, hurtful, damaging types of gossip and, like you, I try to stay away from that stuff and the people who deal in it.

As SuperTroll said, you sound like a nice person. Hope to have the opportunity to paddle with you someday.