MR340 results?

Has anyone ever seen a more difficult website to find the recent results for this years MR 340? I must be blind…but where the %$## are they?

race updates
Look under the forum tab there is a 2010 race updates thread near the top. Near or on the last page of the thread they have the final finish order…

I’ll see if I can find a direct link and
send it to you tomorrow. Was a great race. Kruger paddlers did real well.

Gonna have to try it sometime yourself.

solo boats
From what I saw of the top ten went pretty close to this…Two Seawinds, several surf skis (including first place) at least one sea kayak (epic 18) a crozier and a handful of Spencers.

what type
Crozier? I thought Everett only made J-boats and usca racers. Well respected but I don’t know if I would want to do 340 miles in one…

The Crozier
I am not familiar with which Crozier model it was. I just know it was a Crozier as I paddled a good bit with the fellow. It looked very similiar to the unlimited safari style Spencers maybe a lil more volume at the widest point than the spencers. Wouldnt the J have the diamond corners? (This one didnt) I know Crozier has a long history in marathon racing but you dont see many (none) of them around my neck of the woods. I tried to web search them but couldn’t find much info. I was impressed with the boat.

The J boats are sometimes refered to as “Diamond” styke.

I can’t open it now

Crozier Landick II
The crozier was a Landick II.