I am thinking of getting a few MREs to take along on trips as a backup in case the fish don’t bite or the weather turns really nasty. Does anyony have any recommendations as to which taste best or which to avoid. Thanks. Jim

A “BIG” NO for the Noodles in butter…
I would definately recommend any of the chicken entrees or the beefsteak. Some of the vegetarian meals are alright.

It also depends on what generation MRE you are getting… (color of package). If you are getting the first gen, try the “Chicken Ala-King” it comes with the fruit mix… Also are you getting the winter meals or the regular meals. Civilian or military packages.

My best advice would be to buy afew now & try them out to find your favorite.

Also there are MANY little tricks to MRE meals that most do not know. Examples:

  1. Ranger pudding = put “alittle” water in the coa-coa packet & stir to make pudding.

  2. Marine cookie = open up the creamer packet & pour half of the sugar packet in. Stir. Roll closed & hold onto corner of package with a multi-tool. Light on fire until paper burns off. Peel away foil & enjoy a tasty bite-size bisquit.

  3. Caserole = crumble up one of the crakcers from the packet & pour into the main meal packet. Mix & heat for a delicious caserole. (usually best with chicken entree’s).

  4. Frosted cake = If you are lucky enough to get a pound cake in your meal, take the sugar packet & add alittle water & stir until “pasty”. Spread onto the pound cake & let harden up (acouple minutes). If you get a “beverage base powder” (kool-aid mix), try adding alittle for a fun flavor.

  5. Cappucinno = mix 1/4 of the coa-coa mix to your coffee & some cream & sugar for a hot cappucinno.

    Make up your own & experiment alittle to come up with some GREAT meals.

    Paddle easy,


Things always taste better in the woods…even MRE’s.

I heard a story of a guy who packed some dry dog food as emergency rations. He knew it was an emergency if he had nothing to eat but dog food.

I’ve been eating MREs more years than I like to count. What I’ve noticed is that one person’s trash is another person’s treasure when it come to likes and dislikes. I have friends whose food tastes mirror mine when we’re eating real food but I wouldn’t touch the MREs they crave. Here’s a link that gives you the MRE content breakdown.

I like the meat loaf and gravy. Also the beef stew. Good source is

Sorry to say it, man but you are getting ripped off if you are ordering from them… Go to a surplus store and buy a (12 pk) case of MRE’s for about $60 (plus tax). Or go to & get them for roughly $49-$55 a (12 pk) case. You can have these delivered to your house within a week.

I am sure that the place you get yours is a good supplier, but you can find them less costly elsewhere. I get mine from surplus or the military installation in my area. That, & me & my friends still have friends & family in the service who get them.

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I have bought from longlife food and find them as cheap or cheaper than any other supplier AND their shipping is included. $2.50 for a meat entre compared to 5 bucks? Their MRE’s are also fresh and have not been sitting in some A/N surplus store for a couple years.

I also like the fact I can mix and match items as I see fit.

love em
Been using MRE’s for several years. If you get the whole meals, there great for hunting and camping. No neeed for any cooking and they come compleat with there own heater for the main entree. I was buying them at our gun show for 40$ a case but I think hes over in Iraq this year