MSR "needle" stakes

I finally found a use for the useless MSR stakes that came with my HubbaHubba. Having bought MSR Groundhog stakes that actually work in sandy soil, I happily donated four of the needles to CWDH to pin the turkey legs at the recent Assateague feast.

Now, what to do with the remaining stakes?


Knit one - Pearl two
and use them to crochet(sp) a nice paddle bag.


Send 'Em To Me Brother
OK, sorry I lost myself for a minute. Keep them for those times that you pitch the tent on hard packed ground at a well used site or need to drive them into the hard packed material of a tent pad at a state park.

Or again, send 'em to me.

They are worthless in sand I’ll agree. But I’ve stayed on some tent pads that only those stakes could be driven into consistantly. Guadalupe Mountains National Park comes to mind as does a state park in central Illinois. If memory serves they also worked well in the Boundary Waters.

no send em to me
agreed they are useless in sand but they hold pretty good in peat and at odd angles when you have one inch between you and the Canadian Shield.

Otherwise its good old rocks for me.