Mt. Desert island/Bar Harbor

I’ll be taking my kayak up to the Mt. Desert Island/Bar Harbor area the first week in August. I know there are a number of outfitters that do guided paddles, boats included. Are there any good guidebooks or paddle trail maps of the area (that include put-in info) for those of us on our own? Also, thoug I don’t plan on falling in, should I bring my Farmer Johns? Many Thanks

Hopefully Sedna will jump in
here since she guides there and is just about as nice a young lady as you could meet, but in case she doesn’t:

You can put in right at Bar Harbor at the ramp and head out to the Islands or head in either direction.

There is a paddle/ guide outfitter right on the town wharf that used to have some free maps.

There are a bunch of put-ins all around the Island.

We put in at one which I think was called “Pretty Marsh” then headed right toward some Islands where there were seals. They are timid so don’t spoke them.

In the week we were there we circumvented the whole Island.

Watch out paddling in fog, since the lobster boats work in the fog and many of them have their pots right in close around the rocks. Keep in mind that it is their livelyhood and don’t get in their way.

There is a lake where a bunch of people paddle, but we opted to stay in the ocean.

Make sure you have skirts since the ocean can blow up in a heart beat.

Have fun!



info on maine coast paddling
Someone else can confirm / expound upon this but there is a n organization (I believe this is the name) called the Maine Island Trail Association (MITA) that hascreated and maintains a coastal ‘trail’ system with designated camping, launching, etc… locations on both public and private land. They have maps and additional information, as well as local guide contacts. Do a quick search on Google or even in this forum. Also, look in the other forum on ‘Places to go’. Good Luck!

Send some pics and a story about your adventure.

Wet Suit
Per NOAH the water temps in Bar Harbor top out around 63F in August. I’d wear a 3mm wetsuit.


Donn yes MITA.