MTi Adventurewear Riptide...

Hey everyone.

I’m new to kayaking and looking to get a nice PFD.

I like the MTi line because I like the pockets and the colors and such. That, and they sell them at a local store so I can actually go and try them on and such.

I’ve just got my first kayak and I loved it the first time out. For the time being I’ve just got a cheap orange vest. I had that just because I had to have it. The part of the lake I was trying the boat in was about 4 feet deep at the deepest point I was in and I’ve spent my whole life around water so I wasn’t too worried about any trouble outside of the boat.

However, I know that the cheap vest won’t cut it on any real trips with the boat.

I like the way the Riptide looks and feels, but I don’t know if it’s the kind of vest I’d be looking for. I will mainly be doing day trips and just for fun trips. At this point I wouldn’t be out on the water for more than one day at a time no matter what.

With that said, does anyone know if the Riptide would be a good vest for me??

I also like the Eco Discovery model…

Any input on these vests would be great!!

Go ahead and take a chance. If it fits
in the store, and is short enough to not interfere with your gut, your sprayskirt (if any) or your wallet, then it’s a good start.