MTI infant PFD

Does anyone have experience with the MTI infant PFD for

MTI infant PFD
After going through the sizes of kids PFDs over time, here are a couple of thoughts: 1) don’t buy larger than necessary “because they will grow into it.” The MTI models (I think there are two) have a cut off (30 lbs?) between them that is not arbitrary. If you buy one that is too big, the child will have too much flotation and just fall horizontal. One reason that the MTI is good is the large collar. Since babies don’t have enough weight in their lower torso, a regular PFD design won’t keep their head upright. Without the collar they’d just fall over. Another important element is the grab handle. Their’s is pretty stout, important when you realize that if the little one does go overboard, you’d rather be using that handle rather than some other part of the anatomy. It is a good piece. If you buy a kid’s seat for your boat, be sure to try the (now older) child in the seat with the PFD on; some seats are pretty uncomfortable that way and others work just fine. Good for you for taking that child out on the water!

We just got one
for our now 7 1/2 month old (20lbs). We had a hand me down (stearns maybe?) that said it was up to 50lbs and it didn’t fit that great. We got the MTI (up to 30lbs) from REI and it fits about the same. The MTI is a bit shorter so it rides up less when he tries to sit. The MTI also has a really soft foam inside it. It feels kinda like the gel-filled keyboard wrist pads.

The problem is that they have to have all the flotation on the front so they float face up, which means that they can’t touch hands together or crawl.

We put him (in the PFD) into a old minimal Gerry backpack carrier so he can look around. They can’t really crawl in the PFD. It also makes it easier to get him from the car to the canoe.