mud stains

I have a royalex wenonah that has some “mud stains” in the inner haul. These developed from not washing out my canoe after trips. Does anybody know of a product that I can use to remove these stains?

Took most of the red clay stains off teh crown of my Tilley hat.


Why bother?
It’ll just get dirty again.


Soft Scrub with Bleach…

Second Soft Scrub with bleach
Just be sure to rinse VERY thoroughly after using this stuff, or any damp clothing, packs, etc that touch the surface afterward will have bleach damage.

Don’t ask! :frowning:


You sound like me,
but “the bride” likes to keep the boats looking nice.

You never know when friends might pop in for a paddle!



Simple Green
Scrub with a plastic scouring pad. Rinse. Repeat.