I’ve been paddling a lot of beaver country lately and, since I travel upstream as often as down, find myself needing to climb up over the dams.

Poling works well for climbing but many beaver dams have deep soft mud below. The pole slips into the mud and sucks me back when I pull out.

So I’m looking for a mudfoot or shoe that I can clamp onto one end of my pole in those situations.

Any ideas?




Try Cabelas
Go to the duck hunting section of Cabelas and what your looking for is called a push pole. They make a couple of different ones.


They have two that might work if they hold up.

Thanks again,


get into the holiday spririt Tommy
Stick one of those red and green christmas tree stands on the bottom and tighten the thumb screws!

Thanks All
I ordered a metal Duckfoot from Cabellas. We’ll see how it holds up when I crank on it, but for $15 including shipping it’s worth trying.

Mike, I agree that Cootsfoot could easily be done from a PVC T fitting. Hmmm…